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Make your Smile Amazing with Testmyteeth

We are making dental care accessible and affordable

The Problem

Regular dental checkups are crucial to prevent minor dental issues becoming serious problems. Despite this many of us delay treatment until we are in discomfort due to the accessibility, inconvenience and cost of traditional appointments.


People impacted by oral diseases


Dental diseases remain the fourth most expensive conditions to treat


UK patients unable to recieve at least one NHS dental consultation every year


Check-ups do not require treatment and could be more conveniently performed remotely.


Services We Provide

All your remote dental care sorted.

Guided Symptom Checker

Got an issue? Get recommendations through our guided questionnaire.

Dental Education

Understand dental diseases and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Oral Hygiene Guidance

Bespoke brushing advice for your individual needs.

AI Image Scanning

Automatically detect and analyse early issues such as carious lesions.

Remote Appointments

Speak to a professional dentist wherever you are.

Hygiene Kits

Essential products tailored and delivered to you in one convenient package.


Key features of the product

One easy to use interface, powerful results.

Improve your oral health

Use our guided self-assessment questionnaire to highlight and understand issues. Get bespoke recommendations and brushing advice.

Automatic Check-ups

Hygiene Advice

About Us

Our Team

James Russ
James Russ

Business and Product

MEng Integrated Design Engineering Researching Dental Devices

Former Research and Development Engineer @Dyson

James Thomas
James Thomas


BSc Biochemistry Researching Dental Probiotic Therapeutics

Former Research Scientist @GSK

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